Custom Fantasy Necklace

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I made this for a friend’s birthday. The model is my other friend Rachel.

The friend I made this for, Haley, responded with three books when I asked what her favorites were. She likes sci-fi/fantasy. (I prefer fantasy and high fantasy.) I then made miniatures out of the 3 and added clasps to all of them so she could wear them on the necklace wherever she wanted.

Two of the books, The Phantom Tollbooth and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, are now in the shop permanently because it was convenient- I already had the covers; all I had to do was print a few more. (: I hadn’t even heard of The Transall Saga, so that’s not in the shop, but it can be custom.

Hope this gives you ideas/inspiration on what to do with your charms and what books you can request (i.e. any of them as long as you intend to buy)!





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