Guess how many kinds of adhesive I use?

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Guess. Seriously.

It’s probably more than you think. Just look how tiny the books are! How many kinds could they possibly need? Well, think about the process and how complicated it is. (I’m always calling it a “complicated business.”) Bookbinding is an art (:

 Okay, I guess 3.

Nope! Keep guessing!


Haha, not quite that many. Are you ready for the answer?

 Are you really keeping me in suspense over glue?!

Ha! Crafters might find this interesting, though. I use…*drumroll*……

6 kinds.

6 kinds of adhesive.

Let that sink in. Okay, maybe it’s not as impressive as 10, or 15, but I’m willing to bet it’s more than you expected. And granted, maybe I don’t NEED to use that many, but I’m about to explain here in a second what I use each one for and how they differ.



Here they are.

  1. I use clear Elmer’s glue for the twine- to keep the threads together so I can cut them apart and they won’t unravel. I use twine for the miniature headbands.
  2. I use a tape runner to attach the cover support pieces to the covers that I print out.
  3. I use a glue stick to attach the spine support piece to the cover as well as gluing the flaps on the cover to the support pieces.
  4. I use PVA glue to attach the endpapers to the cover and to glue the inside cover flaps over the endpapers. (I realize at this point it would be more helpful if I did a visual demonstration, but that may not happen.) I also use it to glue the spines. It’s nice and flexible but keeps its sturdiness at the same time- a quality that separates it from the similar Elmer’s glue.
  5. I use glossy Mod Podge on the covers to protect the paper and give it a very light glossy sheen. This isn’t really used as adhesive, generally, but it can be. According to the bottle, it’s a “waterbase sealer, glue and finish.”
  6. Finally, I use E6000 to glue the eyepins inside the cover. It acts kind of like cold hot glue- it dries quickly and leaves a trail, you know, the stringy bits that come up whenever you hot glue something. I could use hot glue for this, or superglue, but I find it’s way more secure than hot glue (and doesn’t need time to heat up) but less risky than superglue.

 That’s a lot of adhesive!

Yes. As I said, it’s a complicated business, but I love it. I use maybe 5 or 6 materials in general, but the adhesives category is a large one.

So now you know a little more about my process and materials! Happy crafting (and buying).





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  1. elly755

    Wow that’s a lot of adhesives! Crazy how there can be so many ways of putting something together. This is a great informative post!

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