Pretty packaging!

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So what does packaging look like?

It has to be small enough to be reasonable, but it has to be sturdy enough to protect the books.

So what does that leave us with?

I’m pleased to say that the FIRST TEN CUSTOMERS will be receiving these fancy clear plastic boxes for their books.


And yes, I did make the bow entirely myself. Took a lot of hot glue, it did.

But wait! I ordered a larger item!

If your order does not fit into these boxes, you will have the second packaging option:


A nice silver jewelry gift box. If there is room, I will include the cotton for extra padding. If your order STILL does not fit in the box, I will find a suitable method of packaging. Maybe it’ll be a small bag + lots and lots of bubble wrap. Maybe I’ll make a box. Maybe I’ll order larger gift boxes. We shall see. Either way, it’s extremely likely that your order will get to your house in one piece. (The books are made almost entirely of paper and strong glue. Not a lot could go wrong. If they got crushed, that would only make sure they lie flat even better.) I also uses padded envelopes to mail, rather than actual boxes (do they make them that small?). It saves a LOT on shipping- otherwise I’d have to make the products even more expensive.

Now you know what to expect with your order! Off to design business cards…





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