New custom options + repairs!

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new custom options available!

I am pleased to announce that I now offer a wide range of custom options! While I wish I could, the truth is that I simply cannot have every single book out there in my shop in miniature form. I could make hundreds a day and it still wouldn’t be enough. SO I’m giving you guys more control!

So I can choose any book I want?

Yes! You can choose the book, edition, specific cover, anything! I originally started out with just one custom option, for a mini book (and its 5 variations), but I have expanded my custom range to include ALL of my available product types.

So what custom products can I order?

You can order mini books (in charm, charm w/clasp, pin, magnet, and keychain form), super mini books (in charm and charm w/clasp form), necklaces, earrings, charm bracelets (with so many add-on charm options; this is really worth checking out), and series/box sets. That’s SO MANY options. That’s nearly ALL of the options and combinations possible. The only thing I really don’t do is offer super minis as pins, magnets or anything other than just a charm (and earrings and bracelets) because they’re so small. It wouldn’t really be reasonable.

How do I get started?

First pick a book! Then find a cover. I would just do a Google search (for [book title] book cover, cover, or full book cover). If you can find one with inside flaps (like where the summary and author info might go on a dust jacket), that’s preferable. Then pick a custom product option and go through the checkout process. Once you get to the Order Notes section, that’s where you’re going to put the link to the cover(s) that you found on Google, along with the book info (title/author) in case it’s not legible and the cover isn’t going to work. There is WAY more detail on the process on each of the product pages (in the product description), so check that out if you’re interested.

Are they more expensive?

Generally, custom items aren’t more expensive, BUT they will take longer to arrive at their destination. I make these to order, obviously, so you’ll have to wait for me to make/package/ship them. Shipping will still be free, so I try to get custom orders done first.

repairs now available!

I now offer options on repairing any type of item. If chains come undone or charms fall off and you don’t have pliers (or know someone who does), you can send them to me for a flat rate of $7.99 (not including the shipping cost when you send it in). That cost includes shipping for when I send it back. I will repair or replace anything broken or damaged AT ANY POINT. If you buy an item and it arrives damaged, that will constitute a refund/exchange, but if you wear an item for a while and it starts to fall apart, you can send it in for repairs at any time.

go check out custom options

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