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About Me

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Hi! I’m Alicia. I’m super crafty and have tried almost everything (from jewelry making to woodworking to knitting to sculpting to sewing). I have been crafting as long as I can remember and in the past several years have attempted selling my work, but this is the first dedicated website to do so. I began Alicia Craft in the year 2015 with the idea that I wouldn’t be limited to any one particular craft so I could sell whatever I felt like at the time. Currently, this shop’s focus is papercraft.

When I’m not crafting, I’m reading. I’m very bookish and have a book review blog, Awesome Book Assessment. I also do freelance editing (fiction manuscripts).

I love cats (especially my cat Jackson) and apple pie and the color green. I currently live in Texas but have lived in many states (all in the south). I am also a big traveler and have been to 17 countries so far, but don’t ask me to name them all. (:

About the books


I bind these books entirely by hand, much the same way that I would bind a larger notebook. The only real difference is that I use covers printed from the Internet and I don’t sew the miniature text blocks.

IMG_1552 IMG_1553

I start by printing and folding the covers. Then I use recycled cardboard (think cereal box material) to make the cover support pieces. I glue/tape these down along with the spine. Then I fold the white parts of the cover over and glue those down. I fold these flat with my folder. I then coat the cover with a thin layer of glossy Mod Podge.

Then it’s time for the text blocks. I cut the paper and create a stack just under the thickness of the spine. I glue them together and use cardstock to add extra support. I cut the endpapers and glue those down before adding the headband (a piece of twine coated with clear glue). Then I glue the endpapers to the inside of the cover and fold the inside flaps over (if there are flaps) and glue them down. I add the eyepin (to make it a charm) before gluing the back cover.


 What made you decide to start bookbinding?

Like with most of my hobbies, I got inspired by an online tutorial (from YouTube, I believe). I’d been vaguely interested in the idea ever since reading Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. Combine that with my love for miniatures (I sculpted polymer clay minis for several years) and the idea of a miniature bookshop was born.

What makes these books unique?

These books are unique because they are completely bound. Other miniature books don’t tend to be as detailed- I’ve seen them made of polymer clay with a cover glued on, or a few paper pages glued in. These books have endpapers and headbands as well as extra supports in the spine to keep them sturdy.

Do they have writing?

No, the pages are blank. However, if you can write small, you can certainly write on these pages. The pages are regular printer paper and the glue is flexible enough to allow them to be turned (just don’t lay them completely flat or bend the spine too much). I would even assume that you can rip the tiny pages out as you would a regular notepad, however I have not tested this. But be warned: JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD. Too much handling and excessive wear can cause these books to lose their sturdiness. I will not give refunds on books that have been broken by bending them too much or other user errors. Also, I realize that the ability to write tiny notes in books disguised as jewelry makes for the perfect way to cheat on exams and other things. I do not condone this, so try to resist. (:

What are the measurements?


First thing to note is that there are two sizes: mini and super mini. They all have the same height (the minis are all the same height and the super minis are all the same height), but width and thickness may vary based on the cover itself. The minis are 1-5/8″ tall and about 1-1/8″ wide on average. The super minis are 1″ tall by 3/4″ wide on average. Again, I try to keep the thicknesses as realistic as possible, so for instance Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is going to be considerably thinner than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I will note the exact measurements of each book on its product page.

Why are these prices so low?

Yes, these may be entirely hand-bound miniature books, but they are still incredibly easy (for me at least) to make. It takes maybe 20 minutes tops for one mini book and less than that for a super mini. So I can usually knock out several in a day, given I mass-produce them. Also, there is almost no material cost. Printer paper is cheap and since I use recycled cardboard, I don’t need to pay for that. I only use tiny bits of twine and cardstock so that doesn’t add up very quickly. I do use a lot of kinds of adhesive, but since there are so many options I don’t really go through it fast. Also, to put into perspective how few materials I use, one sheet of printer paper will make about 2.5 mini books and at least 10 super minis.

Also, as for shipping- I used to do free shipping in the U.S. because I basically included it in the main price (since time + materials are so few, you were basically just paying for shipping and uniqueness). If you don’t order bulk, you’ll probably have a small envelope with an even smaller box inside and that doesn’t cost very much either. There are definitely benefits to selling miniatures. However, since I always get a tracking number, I have had to make sure I am actually making a profit since several items are under $10 and that’s about the minimum for shipping with tracking. So here are the new rules:

  • United States: Shipping is automatically free for orders over $11. No coupon required. For orders under $11, it’s $8.
  • Other countries have extra costs added to cover shipping; it’s by country, so there’s no flat rate. I only add countries by request and adjust the added cost after I know for sure how much it costs.
    • Canada: The extra cost is $20. For some reason it costs at least twice as much to ship to Canada as anywhere else.
    • Philippines: $8. (Since I don’t sell anything $2 or cheaper, I’m guaranteed to make some kind of profit. Same goes for below.)
    • Great Britain: $8.

Also, my prices are low because this is my hobby. I just love doing it. Any money I make is an additional bonus.

How long will it take my order to get here?

I try to ship as soon as possible- the next opportunity I have to get to the post office, so sometime Monday-Saturday. After that, it depends on how far away you are. If there is a tracking number associated with your order, I will send it to you. You can also check on your order through the Order Tracking page.

I have a question/concern.

Please contact me through the Contact page or submit a support ticket through the Help page.

I have an idea for your site or a request!

First, note that there are many custom options available in the shop, if you know exactly what you want. Otherwise, ideas and requests are welcome on the Requests page. This is the place to request certain quantities of things, request certain items not currently available, make suggestions, and more.




If the items arrive damaged or there is another sort of problem, I may be able to either offer a refund or send you a new product. Please contact me ASAP. If the items were ordered by accident, they may be returned for a refund or exchanged. All refunds/returns/exchanges must take place within 7 days of the product’s delivery (you must contact me within 7 days of receiving the item(s)).


 Help! My bracelet/necklace/charm broke and I don’t know how to fix it!

If your jewelry breaks after using it for a while, you now have the option to send it in for repairs! I recognize that not everyone has the tools or knowledge needed to repair jewelry, even if it’s a simple 10-second fix for me. Also, it would be ridiculous to take it to a jeweler. I offer several jewelry repair options under that section in the store. They’re pretty cheap- and included in the cost is return shipping (when I send it back. You have to pay for shipping to me). When you pay for an option, you’ll be sent my address. You’ll then be in charge of sending the item to me. I will repair it and quickly send it back.