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Custom earrings- made with whatever covers you choose!


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Here you can get a pair of earrings made from whichever books you want! The super mini books are fully hand-bound, much like a larger book might be. For more information on this process, check the About page. While the width and thickness may vary depending on the cover you want, the height will be 1″. They can also be glued permanently shut upon request.

HOW TO ORDER (please read before purchasing):

  1. Pick an option from the dropdown. You can choose to have both books the same if you want, or two completely different books. Go through the checkout process.
  2. When you reach the Order Notes section, include the title/author of the book(s) and a link to the cover(s) you want. Just do a Google search for a nice cover- a full cover, if you can (this means front and back, and inside flaps if possible). If you only give me the front cover, I’ll have to do research on my own and if there isn’t a full cover available, you’ll have to choose another one. I might send you a few suggestions if this happens.
  3. If you forget to send me the link, DON’T WORRY. You can email me at with the link. Try to do this as soon as possible so I get the link before I begin making them. I print the covers off first thing in the process.
  4. If you don’t send me a link to any covers, I will find some online myself. Because several books have different cover designs (some new/old, some different based on location- such as the US and UK versions of the Harry Potter series), you may have a preference, in which case you should tell me which version you want and/or send me links. Otherwise I’ll just use the one that I like best. Note: I will not refund/replace any orders that you don’t want simply because I didn’t use covers you like if you don’t send me any to begin with.
  5. If you aren’t sure which cover would be best, or you’re having a hard time choosing between a few, or you just plain can’t find one, go to the Requests page and tell me the title you’re looking for (and link to any covers you’re looking at) so we can discuss the best option.

Please also note that because I make these to order, they may take a while to make/package/ship.

Additional information


glued shut, not glued (recommended)

Identical or Different

both books the same, two different books


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